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Full Tilt
Adam Shulman Sextet


Mike Olmos, trumpet; Lyle Link, alto saxophone; Patrick Wolff, tenor saxophone; John Wiitala, bass; Evan Hughes, drums; Adam Shulman, piano

"Full Tilt, the fifth CD by San Francisco-born and based pianist Adam Shulman's sextet, is a throwback to those halcyon days when bop was king and giants like Diz, Bird, Miles, Max Roach, Hank Mobley, Benny Golson and their kin were its noble emissaries. 

"Without singling anyone out for special praise, suffice to say that the solos by all hands (including the leader) are as keen and resourceful as those one might expect from their venerable predecessors. Indeed, close your eyes and you may start to believe that some of those hallowed patriarchs have actually made the scene for one last gig. They haven't, of course, but Shulman's time-shifting sextet is beyond any doubt the next best thing."
—Jack Bowers, JazzTimes


Adam Shulman Sextet

2015 • OA2 RECORDS

Mike Olmos, trumpet; Patrick Wolff, alto saxophone; Rob Roth, tenor saxophone; John Wiitala, bass; Smith Dobson, drums; and Adam Shulman, piano

"Do you miss the sounds of vintage Blue Note albums by the likes of The Jazz Messengers? Fear not-pianist Adam Shulman sounds like a hard bop oasis as he brings together Mike Olmos/tp, Patrick Wolff/as, Rob Roth/ts, John Wiitala/b and Smith Dobson/dr for a wonderfully hard-hitting and swinging session. The three horn front line sound like bridled stallions on the charging “Grant and Green” and swagger well on “Pearl and Bruno.” The minor blues “Shelby’s Sojourn” is highlighted by Roths’s meaty tenor, while Olmos’ horn saunters on “For an Unknown Lady.” The rhythm team has a hip gait on “Apartments” and Shulman himself shows a lyrical touch on the gentle read of “Easy Living” while he ambles well with Wiitala on the delectably blues waltz “Katy.” Everyone sounds inspired here and full of vitamins and minerals. A healthy dose of jazz."
—George W. Harris, Jazz Weekly


The Drawing Room
Adam Shulman & Katy Stephan


Katy Stephan, voice; Adam Shulman, piano; Joseph Hebert, cello; Sarah Jo Zaharako, violin; and Jory Fankuchen, viola

The Drawing Room is a project inspired by the Art Songs of the late 19th century. Katy Stephan and Adam Shulman team up to create modern songs that draw upon the lush harmonies of an earlier age.


Adam Shulman Quintet

2010 • Kabocha RECORDS

Erik Jekabson, trumpet; Patrick Wolff, tenor saxophone; John Wiitala, bass; Smith Dobson, drums; and Adam Shulman, piano

Strays is an album consisting entirely of the compositions of Billy Strayhorn. The songs are pared down from their original orchestral versions to become leaner vehicles for improvisation.


Patterns of Change
Adam Shulman Quintet

2009 • Kabocha RECORDS

Mike Olmos, trumpet; Dayna Stephens, tenor saxophone; John Wiitala, bass; Jon Arkin, drums; and Adam Shulman, piano

"Adam Shulman’s compositions are finely crafted, they flow smoothly and they blend. There is nothing out of place as each song fits together to make a complete cohesive album.

"Patterns Of Change by the Adam Shulman Quintet is a contemporary jazz album that made it to my list of top CD’s for 2009, a pleasure to listen to."

—Paul J Youngman


On Second Thought
Adam Shulman Quartet

2007 • Kabocha RECORDS

Dayna Stephens, tenor saxophone; John Wiitala, bass; Jon Arkin, drums; and Adam Shulman, piano

"On Second Thought is a fresh-sounding, soulful endeavor. Shulman’s introspective approach to playing and composing has the potential to reach a wide-ranging audience while remaining mindful of artistic integrity."
—John Barron,